Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Signs of Chill

It is always interesting, the weather. I feel like I am channeling my inner wise old farmer and standing around, chewing tobacco, discussing myriad, seemingly meaningless details. Here at this turning of the year, Old Man Winter lurks in the back of my mind. What will he bring this year and what are the signs?
Like spiders. The webs outside this year have been plenty and spectacular. Nothing inspires awe in this knitter and weaver of things more than a web a spider has so patiently and lovingly devised. Has anyone else been spider-watching this year? The spiders in my house seem to have multiplied as well. And, oh, the mosquitoes! We were standing outside yesterday,  weather in the 50's, and the mosquitoes were acting like it was dusk in balmy July. Of course it is cold, almost cold enough to frost. Almost.
The Farmer's Almanac is forecasting a cold winter, but who knows? What signs have you seen and what do you think it means for our winter?

On another note, there was an article in the Leo about sweet potatoes and how they are high in iron. The article was written by someone from Foxhollow farm and was relating their iron content to Michaelmas and the steeling of your will. How incredibly lucky we are to have Foxhollow here....we can get biodynamic food anytime.


  1. Yes, Angie, I'm loving the spiders! I posted on my blog about my most interesting experience with the spider in my kitchen window (who has sadly moved on).
    P.S. I simmered up a batch of that yummy chai tea you make and it is truly a comforting drink. YUM!

  2. Oh the spiders, they and mice are trying to take over my house! I forgot to post the one I found out side the other day...I do believe we will have an early winter and have been tring to prepate as best we can.
    HA HA! My security word is Sking!


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