Saturday, October 24, 2009

Parenting Resources

I just love it when passions come together in one place, where language colludes and ideas marry. Waldorf, therapy, parenting, spirituality...all these come together in one book: Parenting With Spirit. I have been reading this book and find it incredibly succinct, accessible, and one of the few Waldorf books to actually address the issue of feelings...not necessarily the child's feelings....but how parents manage their own feelings. I can't stop talking about it and have been using it with my parent-child classes. It got me thinking about parenting books that I can't live without for early childhood. So far, what I recommend is Heaven on Earth and You Are Your Child's First Teacher. For living through the seasons, and handwork projects that many, many other books have merely imitated, you can't beat The Children's Year and All Year Round. If you have just those 5 books for a base, you will be pretty set.
Other books I have found helpful are the Daniel Goleman books (Social Intelligence, etc.) Parenting From the Inside Out, Chores Without Wars, Sally Goddard Blythe's books. I also like to check out what is considered mainstream or popular within the AP community just so I can gain perspective and have options.
What parenting books do you find yourself recommending without being asked? What books help you feel nurtured as a parent?


  1. In addition to the ones you mention, I like Natural Childhood a lot. It seems that those early years are so far behind me now... Noah is almost 13, Nathan 11. I do remember that book, though!

  2. Off to check out parenting with spirit. I love the ones you mention too ... and for smaller children I love Pinky McKay - her book Todder Tactics and Sleeping Like a Baby are wonderful books. She spent a lot of time in Steiner circles so the influence really comes through, even though they aren't Steiner books.

  3. I love heaven on earth! I am really liking the blog Parenting Passageways. It is Waldorf inspired.


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