Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In Church

Lately I have been finding myself in church.
I have attended the Church of the Morning Run, where colored leaves and blue sky and cold breath sing songs of gratitude.
I have attended the Church of Knitting Peacefully after the children are asleep, where the rare quiet sings a hymn of goodness and mercy.
I have been to the Church of Holding a Sick Child, where smelling her head and touching her forehead to my lips is a prayer of humility and watchful grace.
I have been to the Church of Baby Laughter, where there are no walls and there is no time and fervent hymns for the joy of being are long sung.
I have been to the Church of Washing Dishes, where the sermon is about forgiveness and seeing beauty in the struggle.
There is also the Church of Relationship Tension, where sometimes I feel so lost that the only thing to do is throw up my hands up in surrender.
The Church of My Own Mistakes is a place I can only frequent on my knees and am reminded that only time will give the cleansing and healing I desire.
There is so much love around me, if I only let myself wander to the church steps on hearing the hymns of praise. They hang like lanterns in this newly-chilled air.
My life flows on, in endless song.....


  1. Its amazing where we find Grace, so often we overlook the simple everyday blessings....the cranky sick child when others have not been blessed, the car that is a junker that looks like its been thru the war...but it runs, the cluttered messy house, but its a home...I love this post & your honesty


Thanks for your comment!