Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I did it. I reneged.

The pressure was immense. Once I was out of my post-art-fair funk, I ventured to my basement. Lord help us all. There were the skeins of yarn bought 6 years ago to make a sweater for Chance. One can't just have that kind of yarn laying around. Something MUST be done. And then there were the sheets. Oh yes, a bag of old sheets waiting to make this, or to be made into pajamas for in-laws. And then the little pattern for Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.And the red wool I bought years ago that needs to be made into a coat now before Serena grows and I don't have enough fabric.  And the shrug I am working on for Madeline that was supposed to be finished last year. And then I went to Ravelry and completely padded my queue. I just can't not make anything for Christmas. I know I said I wouldn't, but it's just too much fun and so what if I'm overwhelmed. I am just a delicate flower to be so easily overwhelmed but that doesn't mean I will wilt! That just won't do.
So now my constant companion (besides baby Davis) is going to be a knitting or sewing project from here until Christmas.


  1. Hahaha You sound like me, I have all these things to make for gifts & just have to get the time. If I just start....they will be half done!

  2. I might buy myself a sewing machine...hmmm...I wonder if I have the time to learn?


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