Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Farm lust

Every once in awhile, I become completely sentimental and want to connect all that I believe off the earth, making a handmade life for my family, living in the rhythms of nature, caring for animals and growing my own food....I think it is the healthiest of lives for children.... We visited a farm this past weekend. They had a sweet farm store they were opening, and Chance got to do spot massage, and I got to set up my spinning wheel and also sell my wares. I didn't sell much, because there was a soapmaker there, a printing press that makes these incredible cards and Wendell Berry books, by setting the type by hand, and so many flower bulbs and produce. I was able to barter for all kinds of wonderful things. There were chickens, an old farmhouse, dogs, cats, greenhouses, barns, Jersey cows, and a donkey. You could not part Serena from that donkey. A girl and her donkey. Most of the time around here it is "a mom and her rabbits" or " a baby boy and his dog". We all connect to some creature around here.
Someday I will have a farm. And grow old enough to be called "the goat lady."


  1. My dream, too. Happy dreaming & creating.

  2. don't give up the dream. i hold onto it still. in the meantime glad to have farmers for neighbors so we can get our loving in too.

    i call it the one, two five, ten year plan!

    i get overwhelmed and want it all now, but now i am resigned to baby steps. thank you for this.


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