Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do Not Read This if you are in my family (or, an idea list)

I had some ideas for a handmade, homemade Christmas to share. Many of them are collaborations between parents and children, or things you can do as a whole family. I am uncertain if we will be able to get to them all but we will try!
Here goes:
1. Painted fabric can be made into wallhangings, pillows, wall quilts, ornaments, journal covers....the list is only limited by your imagination. Ask your kids what they think!
2. Felted slippers using my technique for the treasure bag, only covering an appropriately-sized piece of foam and covering the whole thing and cutting a different hole. More about this in a week or so. A visit to a local sheep farm is a lovely way to source your wool. Check out if you can't find local sheep.
3. A hand-drawn book of blessings and verses for mealtimes. Again, the possibilities are endless. They can include hand-written blessings, children's drawings or paintings, handmade paper covers, etc.
4. Serena loves to cut fabric. All those bits of fabric can be arranged, mosaic-style, on another piece of fabric and then attached using Stitch-Witchery (the iron-on product used to fuse fabric to fabric). This piece of fabric is then keepsake children's art for the wall. Add some stitching from all family members for a family project.
5. I highly recommend making a CD. If you have a friend who can play guitar or piano, can do that yourself, and can learn a few Christmas songs as a family (or non-Christmas songs!) then you have the makings for a CD. What a treasure it is for friends and family to hear the sounds of singing children. Renting a studio can cost about $100-$150. Rent the studio with the recording engineer and make a memory. Come away with 10-15 CDs you can give as gifts. Have too much fun in the process. Locally, try Louisville Recording Arts.
6. Stuff from sheets. I found a knitting pattern for a bathmat using torn sheet strips, and I'm also going to sew pajama bottoms using the bag of sheets I've saved.
7. When a local fabric store closed I found a $5 bolt of very, very stiff interfacing. I have sewn journals and bowls after fusing it to fabric, and also a baby bunting bed. Blank journals are incredibly easy and quick to stitch up.
8. I usually make hand and lip balm too. Google recipes and get your supplies from Majestic Mountain Sage. I do try to either use my own beeswax or source wax from local beekeepers.
More ideas? Simple Green frugal Co-op is doing a list.
Whew, that was a lot...I apparently have stuff to do now! Holiday Blessings!

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  1. What great ideas! I like the fabric scraps the best, Isaiah always takes them and pakes "pictures"....I think i know what our next project will be. If we do, I'll send you a Pic


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