Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She's not that girl, Part Two

"Mom, will you teach me to fingerknit?"
*perk* I look up and peer at this child who was supposedly climbing a tree while I was in my knitting zone.
"You want to learn how to finger knit?"
I am trying not to run and am containing my excitement as we pick out some fat rainbow yarn. I show her how to make a loop and demonstrate.
"This is your rabbit hole. This is your doggie. The doggie goes in the rabbit hole, looks around , and then asks his friend to come catch the rabbit."
She does it while I narrate. Make your rabbit hole. Your doggie (index finger) goes in, looks around (twists 2 times) and asks his friend to help (thumb goes into the loop, pad-to-pad with pointer) and they catch the rabbit (pointer and thumb open up, and swoop down to the working yarn to "catch" a rabbit and pull him back through the hole)
She gets it. We do it again and again and finally, she is finger knitting (finger crochet, to be accurate)
I settle back into my own knitting and dream of days when we will be casting on, knitting together, sewing together, talking through the years. She can make her own clothes. I can teach her! She wants to learn. My heart soared with the possibility.
Child of my spirit!


  1. Thats great! They come up with these things at the oddest times! You'll have another stash to shop in (cause its a great excuste to start another!)

  2. How sweet! I enjoy the same thoughts... we have a lifetime to create, sew, knit together!
    I read you other most recent posts too, you are so full of mother/daughter wisdom. Mine are too young yet to leave me feeling wise. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

  3. oh, how beautiful! this certainly is very exciting : )


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