Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"Honey, there's been a string of burglaries in our neighborhood. Just down the street, burglars broke into a house when the occupants were there! Can you believe this?"
"They would never come to out house."
"What do you mean?"
"They would trip over stuff."
"I think that is the first time you have seen an advantage to my domestic challenges! I might just kiss you!"
Later on:
Davis on the bed, safely in the middle, me puttering in a drawer trying to find stuff to get dressed with. Davis creeping. Me not noticing. Suddenly...THUMP! I run to scoop him up. He is unharmed. Saved by a soft pillow of clutter by the bed.
Of all things Waldorf, keeping a simple, clean house is the biggest challenge for me. I would set up a beautiful nature table if we could then find it. The fact is, I work from home making stuff, so materials are everywhere. Right now I have 3 sick kids and am in hyper-making mode to prepare for an art fair. FlyLady just wouldn't cut it. Housecleaning just isn't on my daily list, although it's probably not as bad as I think.
But today, I announce with pride that my slovenly sanguine house ways have saved my child and saved the neighborhood.


  1. Oh My, we really have to meet up, I think were sisters a heart!

  2. I have similar housekeeping challenges, and my hubby has yet to see any good in it. Good for you! Although, I have to say that I think your house is charming and comfortable. And really, soft padding for Davis to land on is bonus!

  3. Yeah. me, too!!! String of car-break-ins. Not my car. My passenger seat always looks like a junky mess. :-) Now off to think of a story of how my clutter has saved a life... ... ... :-)

  4. too, mama, me too. The housecleaning rhythms of waldorf life are *so* hard for me-- and learning to not beat myself up about it, learning to take what will help our family and let go of the stuff that only makes my head spin...this is the place I'm going to find peace with my messy desk and my creative "stuff" all over the place. And hooray for messy bedrooms that save bonked heads-- we've got that set-up going too:)


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