Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I posted yesterday and took it down. I am afraid if I start posting, it will turn into the Depression Chronicles, which is fine, but that could be another blog altogether and I don't want to use this blog for healing that. So, just like in kindergarten, I should take a little rest and have my quiet time to go inward and wrestle those dragons so I can come forth with my inner light shining for the winter days ahead. Yes, it takes months to do that.
But I will tell you what we did this weekend. I ran a 5K, we went to World Hoop Day (hey, today is World Hoop Day! Yippee!!!) and tried out some of our hooping skills, The Big College Girl came home for the weekend (oh, my heart aches for her and celebrates for her too), and we also went apple picking. Sunday I just laid on the couch in a catatonic state trying to recover from Saturday. Maybe later today I can upload some pictures.
Life is getting busier for sure. I am trying to get ready for an art fair, working with some artists to come up with a logo for my yarn business(although I hesitate to call it a business on account of the working-from-home myth I have bought into), and drawing a header/logo for my blog.
By the way, I am loving teaching handwork this year. Is the 8th year of teaching supposed to be a golden year or something? It just feels good.

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  1. Thank you Deanna!I hadn't heard of the article...i was just referring to my frustrated attempts to build inventory while caring for my children and working outside the home part-time. I would definitely be interested in the article!


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