Thursday, August 13, 2009

Treasure Bag

This episode of "Crafting With Pantyhose" is brought to you by.....well, me, of course.
(disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever professed to be, a photographer. Any and all hints are welcome. Also, I have no clue how to get Blogger to stop making my text underlined and in blue. Sorry.)
You will need:
A knee high. It can have lots of runners in it and would otherwise be discarded.
A piece of foam. This can be something you have scavenged. I have received foam from my mom who got it in shipping packaging, the side of the road where couches abound (you can cut it with an electric bread knife) and, if you are really desperate, from JoAnn's. But buy the smallest. And really, you could stuff the knee high with an old, polyester sock rolled up. No need to buy anything.
A safety pin
approximately 2 oz (I didn't weigh) of roving that will felt
Some soap (I used Ecover)
Take your foam and cut an oval shape.

Cover this with the knee high. Make a felting batt and wrap this around your foam.It now looks like this:
Take the little tail that is left an pull and smooth it back up toward the top of the bag.Then, twist the top like so and double the pantyhose back over the wool, making a little "sausage"Safety pin the end like so.Now for the fun part. Wet the little felt baby thoroughly and give it a rub with 4 drops of soap. Alternatively, you could throw it in the bathtub with your 4 year old and let him do it. Or in the baby pool. Or do as I did and find the nearest textured kitchen utensil. (see picture)
Keep rubbing until it starts to get fuzzy. Rinse it and carefully peel the hose off. Rinse again. After all that you have this:To finish, finger crochet a strap of about 10 chains, bring together into a loop, stitch it to one side in the middle, and add a button in front for the strap to go around.
Or, like this one, put a long strap in holes on each side, tie off, and collect treasures.
Be sustainable-try to source from local sheep. Try Local Harvest. Locally, try here and here. Have fun!


  1. How fun!, Similar to making felted soap
    Ha! my security word is bagosp!

  2. First of all, the idea of "Crafting with panty hose" totally cracked. me. up. Second, I'm bookmarking this, because I'm totally making little treasure bags like that for my boys for their fall foraging:)

  3. Renee, I think you could try a thin, well-worn cotton sock or even tights for the outer cover. might just work. There is more elasticity and "breathing" in a pantyhose. You could also leave off the outer covering and felt it carefully from there. But the wool will stick to the foam. I don't thonk it matters as much what the foam is covered with.a

  4. Hi Angela, this is great! Now we can make little pouches to carry treasures. Thanks for sharing this with me!



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