Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Third Grade Project

Before I blog proper, please, someone come over here and put my blog out of its misery and show me how to take pictures!
Or just wait. I'll learn eventually. Like by 2014.
Ok, here is a little third grade beginning crochet project (I introduce crochet in the third grade).
After I give a story about how to hold the hook and yarn, they then proceed to crochet 3 chains that are the length of measuring around their neck 3 times. Then they learn to braid them (if they don't know how already). Inspired by the last issue of Living Crafts' article on yarn painting with food colors, I am going to have them make their braids into necklaces or belts, and paint them in rainbow order. I am not sure if I will have them use food colors or just watercolors. I used organic cotton yarn I found at Jo-ann's.
Yes, I am way into painting on stuff these days!

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  1. You are making me want to paint on fiber and fabric too. I have had such a bias against crochet the last few years for some reason, I guess now is my time to get over it since we are about to start third grade.


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