Friday, August 14, 2009


Two things: I just finished "Where Am I Wearing" and I believe everyone should read this book. It's an incredibly easy read, almost too easy given the subject matter. It's written by a journalist, so of course it's not supposed to delve too deeply. Before reading this book, I used to think it was as simple as not buying things made in China. But it's not. There are convoluted power and political systems at work here, and all I can say is, I am going to keep striving for connection and responsibility for my stuff and my actions. It is sad, sad, sad the poverty that exists that we have no clue about. Oh, it makes my heart hurt.
Second thing is I have been thinking about personal style. I think this could be divided into two blog posts. One would be about archetypes. I believe, and was exposed to this idea via Waldorf, that what we wear presents a certain archetype. Hence, the skirts and aprons in Waldorf early childhood classrooms- the teacher presents an archetype of nurturing, mothering, protection and warmth.
The other would be just about personal style. What I choose to wear right now is based on whether I can nurse in it. I have sacrificed 4 dresses to the skirt Goddess so I could just throw a shirt on top and nurse away. I have at least 2 more years of this. The other style factor right now has to do with those stubborn 15 postpartum pounds. what can you wear when nothing you wore fits? The last factors that will define my style is that my clothes are handmade by me, creative, well-fitting, and sustainably assembled. Meaning, I have either thrifted or repurposed my fabric, and that I source as much fabric as I might need after that in North America. But that is tricky if not impossible. Most of our natural fibers get shipped to and from China at some point during the process, whether it is grown here or not.
Alright, enough of this long winded post. I am sure I will update you as I keep remaking myself. Right now my style is just plain frump city. I'd love to be the renegade Waldorf teacher who can be nurturing and stunning at the same time. But beauty is from within, right? (another blog post...focus focus....)


  1. My dear you always look stunning. You could pull off a potato sack.

    Once the nursing all the time passes you can regain the cute dresses. I've had a lot of luck with thrift stores lately.

  2. I could have written this post ... I have never quite found my style since becoming a SAHM - my 'suited and booted' corporate look is obvioulsy out, but when I wear skirts and float stuff I fear I look more mother hubbard than earth mother. Some women pull it off so naturally ...


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