Friday, August 28, 2009

Story Time

Well, Michaelmas is just around the corner and already I feel rumblings of dragons in our midst. Inner dragons aside, Michaelmas is all about the will. This is my muster the strength to engage in the tasks at hand. Isn't that what training the will is about...engaging? Being present...mindful...even cheerful in your work right now is what we have to do. What a challenging transition.
I have a story for you. I thought it was too long to post so I placed a link over there---->
It is most certainly a story of the will, and it is a story I bring every year to the first graders, although I think even a 4-year-old might appreciate it, if they are ready to hear the longer stories, and you can always adapt. I think you will like it and I hope it helps you stop inviting fairies into your house :) (I first read it in Shake-Em-Up Tales and adapted it, borrowing heavily) If you have never memorized a story and told it to your child, try that and tell the story once a night for every night. Stories from your childhood are wonderful. Embellish. The best stories come from daily life. Try a round robin story at dinner time with your husband. What a great way that can be to create memories.
(by the way, "Healing Stories for Challenging Behavior" is wonderful.)
On stories, while walking with my husband tonight, he reminded me of a show we had heard on NPR. The speaker was saying that more than tutoring, more than any method of reading, what helped literacy was the family dinner. She theorized this was because of the stories heard with the family gathered around the table. Family dinners are increasingly difficult to fit into our busy schedules, and as your kids get older, watch will have to catch the time before it flies past. We have to plan out the week and make the times that everyone can be together a real priority. When the members of our family constellation move into alignment for dinner at least a couple of nights a week, we learn so much about each other. We still bicker and complain like a real family, but we also laugh and come away with a sense of togetherness, a picture in time, a circle held and let go.
And that is just good fertile soil for stories.


  1. OK - I must be blind, I can't find the link???

  2. says "Fairy Story" it's on the top...sorry for the confusion!

  3. I definitely have to try memorizing some of our weekly stories. I think it would be a bit more freeing having both Deladis and Ivy when I do a little Circle Time. I'll look at this one. :)


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