Monday, August 17, 2009

Sloppy Seconds?

Yesterday, Serena asked me "what was my second word, Mommy??" Not first word. Second word.
I was stumped. I knew her first word was "ball" and we made over her saying that first word like we had just discovered the future genius of the WORLD who was going to be so smart she could solve everything!
But her second word? Seconds are inferior, right? We have second rate, second class, sloppy seconds, second wives, and no one really pays attention when you come in second (unless you were Alydar). Factory seconds are sold at deep discounts. With a fourth baby in the house, we are knee-deep on the discovery of firsts. First teeth! First laughs! First sounds! First trip to the zoo! Look what he just did for the first time!
Children rush out on the playground and want to be the first to swing, the first to win the game.
And who can forget first kiss or a first love?
Somehow, we tend to discount the idea of seconds, thinking they are somehow "less than" the delightful discovery of firsts.
Yet....there are also second chances, the second time around, the blessing of having had the experience of the first and now you know so much better. The second can be even more delightful when you can relax in the knowledge of what comes next. And the third, and the fourth, and so on and so on.....
All that joy to be had from learning from the first time, so you can celebrate each and every subsequent moment.
Oh, and don't forget second helpings!


  1. My first daughters first word was dadda. Second was mama. We actually have a list of about the first 20! (moon was #7, #8 was tofu.) But you are still right about the seconds, because we have no such list for our youngest daughter :(
    Just found your blog and enjoying what you have to say. Really like your post on clothes/style! The majority of my girls clothing is made by me, although my own style seems to be whatever my sister hands down to me, which I then wear for the next 10 years straight...

  2. Great post as always, often we realize the 2nds are more important! I love 2nd time around garments, the memories of a prior child wearing them ...a thrift store garment has me wondering about their life etc...


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