Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Painting on Fabric

Name tags
Serena's wall hanging
Setting up outside to paint
Serena's wet muslin painting

This past weekend, I became slave to an idea. That admittedly bright idea was to make nametags for the students' handwork that did not involve merely writing their name on watercolor paper and punching a hole in it. Oh no, I could not do that again. The nametags would fall apart before September and I'd have to do it again.
So, I painted on muslin and used the fabric to sew nametags. Of course, in setting up painting, here comes 5-year-old Serena, "I want to paint, too."  What fun! Her painting was made into a wallhanging.
The painting we did was just like wet-on-wet watercolor painting, only we used wet muslin instead. We did use really good fabric paints (Setacolor by Pebeo) but you could use regular watercolors.
By the way, I don't want to make a long post here, but my favorite book for children's painting (and creativity in general) is Kid's Play by Michele Cassou. If you do any art for children, get this book. And buy Life, Paint, Passion for yourself (same author).


  1. Great idea! Those are beautiful tags. I wonder if tempera paint would work too. I'm going to have to invest in some supplies. Wall hangings would be great for the girls' room.

  2. That is an awesome idea!!!

    I will have my own class for handwork this year. I'm having each student bring in a little basket to keep their work in, but in case I won't be able to tell them apart, I'm going to try this idea!

    You rock!

  3. I like the wet painting on muslin idea. My son's school has a fair coming up and we are thinking of activities. This could be a goer.

  4. I have been thinking of using watercolors on fabric too. These turned out so nice. And the yarn in the previous post, so wonderful!! I also asked you a question down on your treasure bag post. And thanks so much for the supportive music comments!

  5. Wow! These are so cool. I love the wallhanging idea. I've been wanting to add some of my daughter's art to our walls. I think I'll try this. I'm with eastkentuckygal in wondering if tempera will work since that's all I have currently.

  6. tempera would work, but you might want to thin it with water a bit first. Try any kind of acrylic paint...the advantage of tempera and acrylic is that you are not limited to white fabric and could use what you have on hand...they are more opaque. Experiment and have fun.

  7. Thanks angela! Did you water down the fabric paint here?

  8. Yes! The fabric is wetted down, just like with wet-on-wet watercolor painting.


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