Monday, August 24, 2009

I got an award

...from Kelli, a wonderfully talented writer and passionately proud Appalachian mama and friend to me. It is the Kreativ Blogger Award and I am supposed to write 7 things I love and pass it along to 7 people. What a wonderful way to spread the blog love around. I am still relatively new and very slow coming into blogging, and my little blog is not very widely read, and after trying too hard to make a decision about who to put on the list, I think I am just going to write he 7 things I love. Actually, I feel all the blogs on the right are truly creative and wonderful people, which is why I listed them there.
Ok, here goes:
Seven things I love right now:
1.Having a baby in my life at the ripe old age of 41. I have the perspective of years of parenting and the youth to maintain beginner's mind in the midst of it. Really, I love ALL my children and enjoy being a mom.
2. Waldorf education and its influence on our lives. Every year I think how lucky and blessed I am to be on this path. Only parenting has had the capacity to grow me as a person in a similarly deep way.
3. Making, making, making....lately it is painting that has found its way to me again and I am looking forward to sharing some things I've painted and ideas for creating art for your walls as a family on this blog.
4. Wool. I have serious wool lust. I am already planning my fall trips to the wool festivals
5. Having a spiritual journey. I must say, although I don't have all the answers, I have HAD to adopt an attitude of faith and belief to help me through my episodes of depression. Otherwise, I would not be here. I know that sounds dark, but anyone who has been through those trials will understand. Depression is the absence of what is spiritual, so I have to keep on my journey of seeking and connecting to the divine.
6. Apple picking. Our favorite time is early misty mornings when chill is creeping into the new, tender fall mornings. It is then that the apple orchard is truly a magical place. There is nowhere we feel more abundant and peaceful than when we are among those gnarled apple-tree friends, surrounded by fog.
7. Facebook. No, just kidding. I had to try and make a joke here at the end of my list. I would have to say, squash pie. We eat TONS of butternut squash pie all winter long. I make it every week, sometimes even every day. I love it.
So there is my list. I didn't write Pawley's Island, or any music I love, or my family, or my dear husband, or mountains.
Speaking of mountains, I was born near Grundy, Virginia, and my family lived in Big Rock. I am no stranger to Appalachia and yet I am. My mom moved us to Ohio when I was 10, and I only spent summers in Big Rock. I just found this site and had no idea of the depth of the plight of the area. I think I am going to sign up for this. I just made a quilt top from some designer scraps someone gave me, and was not sure where it should go. Now I know.
check it out here.
Also, here.
Brightest of days to you!

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