Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fall Lap Games and Poems

Here are some lap games and poems I have written for parent/child classes over the past 4 years. Enjoy! I hope to write more.....

A finger kiss goes something like this

On your nose, on your toes, on your freckles

And while fingertips are short on lips,

They're long on love and tickles (A. Mobley)

It's a kick-leaves day

Rustle, rustle hush

It's a kick-leaves day

Crunch-a, crunch-a crush (kick the leaves as we walk clockwise)

Falling leaves make way for cold

Windy windy woo

Time for hats and boots to go

Put-'em-on, put-'em-on, put-'em on you!

Squirrels dig for nuts and seeds

Mumble-mumble munch

I jump high into piled leaves

Jumpity jumpity jump!

(Angie Mobley)

One little leaf, hanging in a tree (hold child high or have them reach)

The tree said, "fall!" the leaf said, "Wheee!" (on 'fall', child falls or you scoop them down, on 'wheee', swing child or have them turn around joyfully)

(model movements for child, or touch babies accordingly….at home, you can change the body parts as much as you like and have fun rhyming)

Wind in my eyes, wind in my hair

Wind in my toes, wind everywhere

Wind in my fingers, on my belly too

Wind in my ears, whispering "woooooooo!!"

(A. Mobley)

Lap game:

I'm riding in a haywagon, on an autumn day

Back to the sideboard, feet on the hay

Wiggily the wagon wheels, wobbly the crooked path

My horsie might speed up a bit if kindly I ask

Faster now my horsie, no time to be slow!

Bumpier, bumpier, wheels hit a hole!

Slow down now my horsie, it's to head on home

Wiggily, crookedy, bumpety, Whoah!

(A. Mobley)

Jack Frost took his wand in hand

And flitted to and fro

Covering every leaf and stem

With a glittering, silvery glow (Parent plays Jack Frost)

He whispers to the flowers

"It's time to go to sleep

You must now spend your hours

Under blankets of fallen leaves" (cover child with a silk)

Now brittle sparkles cover the grass (lightly tap child with fingertips)

Wherever Jack did go

And when his job is done, at last (lift silk on "at last")

We know soon there will be snow


  1. Thanks for posting these its great to have these resources around! I have just stumbled across your blog, its lovely!

  2. I can't wait to use these at our Sunflower School Waldorf playgroup. Thanks. Now all we need is fall.


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