Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yes, I took everything out of my knitting basket and took a picture of it. I carry this basket just about everywhere. I have been trying to keep things in it that are conducive to creating.
This is a list of what is in it:
Pencils, pens, including a Chinese brush pen (because you never know when you will need one)
Small journal
Way too many body care items (but you always need lip balm!)
no less than 3 knitting gauges and a tape measure left over from midwife-apprenticing days
Emergen-C packet
Change purse
nail clippers (I can never find them when I need them but I always know they are in my basket)
16" circular needle
small ball of handspun yarn
Tin of sewing needles and spool of sewing thread, as well as a vintage replica needle book
unopened package of double points
small knitting project (currently a pair of toe-up socks from Cat Bordhi's sock book)

And that's just my literal baggage. We won't talk family baggage just yet. All that is missing is the chocolate bar. My current favorite chocolate is this.
What is in your bag?


  1. I love the contents of your bag. Had to chuckle about the EmergenC. It seems I find packets everywhere. :-)

    Do you sew your own needle cases? I have been looking for one that holds sock & regular DPS as well as circulars & I haven't been successful.

    I really enjoy your blog... the way you write... the topics you choose etc.

    Bright Blessings!


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