Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Backyard Edibles

What a dreary, rainy day...like so many this week. Luckily I have been keeping up with moving (mostly running, hula hooping, and walking) and I think this has helped my mood.
Bless that man Chance, who basically took over the work of the garden this year. We are harvesting green peppers, banana peppers of all different colors, onions, and sometimes tomatoes. The squirrels have been eating our tomatoes as soon as they hint at being ripe.
So, I took our bounty and made chili for this rainy day. I used some of the tomato juice I had canned last year. I'm not canning again this year. It's a baby year and not canning is among many forgivable sins of omission.
I also made a sea vegetable salad that is so easy I thought I'd share it with you. Buy some arame, soak it until it is soft, mix equal parts tamari and brown rice syrup, and serve warm or cold. Add other vegetables, and a dash of brown rice vinegar as you like. I think even children might try it. I think.

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