Sunday, June 7, 2009

Slow Down

Well, the festivities are over for now. Brianna is officially a high school graduate and is on her way to become a college graduate. So now I can turn my energies to writing about writing.
I picked up a book at the library called "In Praise of Slowness". Of course, I was in a hurry to read it, but I did read the introduction and so much of the book resonated with me that I had to skip straight away to the chapter on sex. I could say a lot more here about cars not quite making it out of the garage, or stallions confined to the stable, but I won't. I will leave you with one word: tantra.
Instead, I am giving myself a theme for this month: slowness. I'm not going to be trite and write about slow food. Slow food has lots of press. Instead, I am going to write about things I think need to slow down. Like anger. And the creative process. And time in general. And anxiety.
So there you have it!

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