Saturday, April 18, 2009

What I Saw On My Run

A tall, thin, masculine man holding a small kitten, and kissing the top of its head
a smiling Indian couple speaking to each other in their native language
a flower I'd never seen before- it had yellow, pointed petals
two Bassett hounds, one older than the other
a short, young, very cute Mexican man, looking in the side-view mirror of a big truck while pursing his lips and fondling his sparse mustache


  1. Is it just me or have you noticed yourself being more observant during times of exerting yourself out of doors. I love my walks with Pearl on my back through the holler. I seem to open up all my senses and absorb earth. That is a great poem.

  2. Oh totally! The endorphins kick in. Sun helps. My favorite was the Mexican man though...he was checking himself out and i forgot to mention how he raised his eyebrows at me when i passed. Flirt! Made me smile.
    Wish i had a holler to wander around....I love those hollers.


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