Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lady Spring

Usually, I deal with Lady Spring in all her glory by participating outwardly: planting, preparing, moving my body through. But this year, all her inner aspects are calling me. Perhaps because of the lack of sleep I find myself in an ever-vulnerable, ever-sympathetic psychic space.
As ideas burst forth, I am given over to the joy of being in something larger than myself...the glorious streaming of creativity...I feel so connected to The Source! And then the task of pruning...of cutting the weeds...of answering the questions about which of these ideas and sympathies will bear fruit....what do I nurture? What do I protect from being choked out by weeds? Which ideas ARE the weeds? Most weeds come on strong and fast, and are easily uprooted. To build what is real and enduring requires the struggle of building roots which are strong enough to push to the light.
The force of my own sympathy comes strong and sure. I see the relative merits of everything, and have so much joy and am in such love with my ideas that I forget that some of them need roots. These require me to spend time forming a relationship with them...not just casually using them to regurgitate what is safe, or what has arisen from someone else. This is so hard when one is in the throes of spring!
Today I want to take to the warmth of a cave, and do not want to be a wife or a mother, but left alone, tired, able to let my self emerge, separate from all the confusing outer voices.


  1. I so relate to this. Perhaps it is because I too am sleep deprived? I can not wait to celebrate spring outwardly on May Day. :)

  2. Thanks Miss Angie! I'm working on finding rhythm again as we have lost it, but never really had it much anyway. I'm looking for distance, growth, and renewal. Love what you had to say here.


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