Sunday, April 19, 2009

I wanna sew!

Check out these old magazines I found. I totally dig the guy holding the yarn for the woman...a courtship ritual perhaps? Since I'm a knitting teacher, it is only apropos that I frame these and hang them on my wall.

My mother-in-law got me this magazine for Christmas. I love the glove pattern! The whole mag reminds me of Frida Kahlo for some reason.

When I lose the baby weight, I'm going to make this dress:
In recent years, sewing patterns seem to have been "dumbed down". Guess women just don't have the time to sew...or it isn't part of the culture anymore. Personally, I didn't learn to really sew until I was "locked" in a windowless room with a bunch of other women altering wedding dresses, for a job. You should see the details that are on the dresses in the Vogue magazine, and of course, on the Marfy dress. And to actually make gloves? Come on! That is just too cool. Sewing patterns and designs nowadays just don't have that level of detail. I surmise it is because these things take time. Since women apparently had more time to sew back in those days, I cannot help but wonder what the kids were doing while they sewed. My modern kids are soooo well-trained, just like Pavlov's dog. When the phone rings or Mom does anything, like use the bathroom, sneak in a row of knitting, sit down on the couch, etc., that is apparently the signal for them to whine, wail, NEED you in ways you never thought possible. And 5 minutes before you started the aforementioned something, they didn't know you were alive. Go figure.
But I digress.
Guess I'll finish sewing diapers instead!

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  1. Those are some awesome magazines and patterns. Oh, and you will look lovely in that dress. :) My great grandmother taught me to sew by hand, but I have never used a machine. I always wanted to make clothes for me and the girls. Since, really really pursuing writing I've had to give up all my other "hobbies" because of time constraints... like knitting. :( I totally hear you about the children. As soon as I get ready to write, or put them to bed and sit down to write, they cry or wake up. At this rate I'll be 5 years finishing my novel.


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