Monday, April 20, 2009

How the Girls are Doing

..not the human girls, but the insect girls. So far, out of 3 hives I put out at Field Day NONE are left. Two were inhabited by mice, and one was taken over by drones (a situation I just did not want to fool with after talking to other beekeepers). But my two backyard hives are doing wonderfully. The past two days we've had rain, so I've only seen the occasional bee.
I want to try super-natural beekeeping, where you interfere with the bees as little as possible and let them build their own foundation. I already take the lazy man's approach to beekeeping, so this should not be much of a stretch.
I think it would be fun to have a bee-cam set up and watch the bees. I could just set up a chair in the backyard and put a beer in my hand.
The picture is from last year...pregnant beekeeping.


  1. Awesome! I would love to but, canning, sewing & knitting are enough on my plate for now. Afriend keeps bees, I went to her house one afternoon all know how it is...anyway, I sat on her back porch and watched the hives, the bees coming and going. It was very calming.....until I started feeling lazy after watching them. Maybe a beer would have solved that!
    Enjoying your blog

  2. Oh. I'd love to keep bees... one day... with help... :-) Nathan's class was keeping bees, but they froze to death in the winter... Yikes.


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