Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Springing out

We have all been sick in some sort of combination over here. Then, my teenage daughter goes and faints on Sunday. She checked out ok at the doctor yesterday, but she was so scared. I forgot about that teenage place where things loom larger than they are. And, perhaps she is a product of her generation....the "ER" generation. My sickness has manifested in headaches and general malaise...no proper cold has come and really thrown me for a loop....and therefore, no cleansing either!
But, that has no stopped me from planning. I have an actual simple, simple, simple sewing pattern I will be posting. I am also spinning yarn and doing some needle-felting for this place. And, school continues apace. Handwork classes are fun. Parent-child classes continue to be a joy, although I meditate constantly and anxiously about how to best meet the educational and support needs of the parents.
So, today I simply felt like "catching up". I should be starting taxes...or cleaning house...or doing the making I've planned...or running....
Oh, and why is it that when I visit other people's blogs I never tire of seeing pictures of their cute kids?

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  1. Strange things I have done for money? does that mean I have to tell you about the clown and the "pants built for two"?


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