Sunday, March 22, 2009

Harper's Style

Number of days I've been weaned off coffee this year: 2
Number of days it took to get there: 21
Number of cups of coffee I'm up to now: 1
Number of stitches I cast on for any given project, on average: 88
Number of projects I have cast on but not finished: 6
Number of times I have to tell any child in this house to do something before they do it, on average: 6
Number of times I trip over aforementioned children's stuff, especially shoes: 7
Number of times one child has lost her retainers: 3
Amount of money it costs to replace ONE retainer, top or bottom: $90
Number of hours I have spent chauffeuring children on a weeknight: 3
Number of times I breastfeed at night: 4
Number of postpartum pounds I'm packing: 27
Number of jeans that are not maternity that fit me: 0
Number of times per day the floor could be vacuumed: 4
Number of times per day it actually gets vacuumed: .5
Number of miles I can run: 1.5
Number of miles I have run consecutively, the most ever: 8
Number of times I was interrupted while typing this blog post: 12
Number of times I have marveled that boy babies can pee in their own mouth: 2

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