Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A bit of a rant

Yesterday, I had a bit of a breakdown and more moments of birth obsessing. more specifically, obsessing over other people's births and the whole system of birth. I don't know why I care so much about the system, or feel so strongly for moms and babies who experience birth as a medical event and not out of their own power. I cannot stand hearing about the frequent cascade of induce-epidural-cesarean. Isn't anyone experiencing this as a trauma to society? I guess you have no case for a lawsuit if you say "you induced me...why didn't you tell me it would make my baby's heartbeat go haywire? Why didn't you tell me the epidural would most likely do the same?" could have looked it up yourself? Why did you give away your power, woman?
I know it doesn't happen that way ALL the time and that there are places and times for those sorts of interventions. I have taken to censoring myself very strongly when it comes to birth because I know I come across as being intense and dogmatic. Hell, I AM dogmatic about birth.
Arggghh...I had to rant about this. I am affirming homebirths for ALL women and am so thankful that my daughters have said they will have homebirths someday, which is huge for a teenager.
Thanks for listening, blog-o-sphere.

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  1. The more people who stand up as a strong natural or homebirth advocate, the more women will see it's the best thing......look back in history....there was a time when women thought they could only give birth in their full dresses with a male doctor looking under a sheet to see if she were crowing....and to top it off they didn't even wash their hands while sticking those gross cadaver fingers into their birth canal.....ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
    Thank GOD for home birth and midwifery.


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