Monday, March 9, 2009

3 months

You should all go get yourselves a 3-month-old baby right now and just marvel at them. Little Davis, most often called "Baby Davis" around here, has just come through an amazing time of growth. He has completed a journey, with me, that has spanned a whole year. I just can't help but gush over him. He smiles so freely, "talks" to you, recognizes his family, and brings toys to his mouth with an uncoordinated sweep of his arms. He smiles while nursing, nurses while sleeping (breast optional), and has a sweet spot right where his ear meets his neck that I CANNOT stop kissing. His toes are infinitely kissable. When he sleeps I softly place my face near his so I can smell his sweet, milky breath. He "complains" if he is not in the thick of every family interaction. He nurses a LOT at night. We cuddle together and as the milk flows, his little toes curl right next to me.
I just love him.

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