Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here are pictures of the sewn pilot caps I've been making. The pattern is free and to your right and so incredibly simple and easy. I am sure there is probably an Ottobre with a pilot cap pattern but I could not find it, so I made my own. I hope you enjoy making them....they would look sweet with embroidery or lace. I have so many scraps of heavyweight organic diaper flannel, and hope to make some up for friends and neighbors' babies.

Monday, March 23, 2009


We visited a sheep farm yesterday. This one. When we got there, they were up to 20 lambs with 8 more ewes expecting. The ones at the top were only 2 hours old when we left. We walked around and visited the animals, and then went into the Meeting House which is fiber HEAVEN. It smells like sheep in there, is full of spinning wheels and old souls and antiques and yarn and lots of wool. The sheep are Romney-Corriedale cross...luster and length..luscious fiber! I had to bring some home.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Harper's Style

Number of days I've been weaned off coffee this year: 2
Number of days it took to get there: 21
Number of cups of coffee I'm up to now: 1
Number of stitches I cast on for any given project, on average: 88
Number of projects I have cast on but not finished: 6
Number of times I have to tell any child in this house to do something before they do it, on average: 6
Number of times I trip over aforementioned children's stuff, especially shoes: 7
Number of times one child has lost her retainers: 3
Amount of money it costs to replace ONE retainer, top or bottom: $90
Number of hours I have spent chauffeuring children on a weeknight: 3
Number of times I breastfeed at night: 4
Number of postpartum pounds I'm packing: 27
Number of jeans that are not maternity that fit me: 0
Number of times per day the floor could be vacuumed: 4
Number of times per day it actually gets vacuumed: .5
Number of miles I can run: 1.5
Number of miles I have run consecutively, the most ever: 8
Number of times I was interrupted while typing this blog post: 12
Number of times I have marveled that boy babies can pee in their own mouth: 2

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Serena snags the camera

Right Now

Serena is raiding her brother's drawers for grown-out-of-clothes for her babies, Brianna left to play frisbee with her boyfriend, Madeline is at Lacrosse practice, rice is cooking, Davis is stirring from a nap, Chance is working, and I am reveling in reconnecting with an old friend on Facebook. There are countless things to do, but the people here are what I orient my days around. They are my right now, always.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Friend Leslie

In doing my weekly grocery shopping, I picked up a copy of Mothering magazine for two articles; one concerning how you could work at home, and the other reporting on crafty mamas. Casually browsing the crafty mama article, I saw some familiar faces from blogs I've visited. These mamas sew and knit their way through life and parenting, kinda like me. Only, I have been walking the line between mom and artist for nearly 18 years now. I worked as a seamstress when my first was 18 months old. We made all of our Christmas ornaments every year. I didn't knit then, but I sewed a LOT and got into heirloom sewing and I will to this day pick up a smocking project every once in awhile. Now, I am grateful for my job as a Waldorf handwork teacher, which has considerably broadened my skillset to include spinning, plant dyeing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery.
Now, none of this compares to my friend Leslie. Leslie was just the most creative person I knew. I loved going over to her house. The merengue music was cranked thanks to her Dominican husband, something delicious was cooking in the kitchen, she maybe had her pajamas on but she was making something all the time. She might have been working on a painting (and her work is incredible- so imaginative) or a sewing project. We would spend our days together, most often at her house because I was always avoiding cleaning mine. The children would play and we would get to talk and I just loved being with her. Leslie inspired me and I learned so much from her as a mother, as a creative being, as a person, as a friend.
Sixteen or seventeen years later, our lives have taken twists and turns no one could have predicted. We lost touch and found it again. She still paints, I still make stuff. I always thought Leslie was cool and could do anything, and now that another generation is coming into the art of home and the balance of craft, and the balance of art and family, it is time to give her credit and to give myself credit.
Because Leslie and me? We are not the only ones who have paved the way for these young whippersnappers to make money off their books and blogs. There are other moms who have been doing this a LONG time. And you know what? We were not only crafty when crafty wasn't cool, we are STILL crafty.

Monday, March 9, 2009

3 months

You should all go get yourselves a 3-month-old baby right now and just marvel at them. Little Davis, most often called "Baby Davis" around here, has just come through an amazing time of growth. He has completed a journey, with me, that has spanned a whole year. I just can't help but gush over him. He smiles so freely, "talks" to you, recognizes his family, and brings toys to his mouth with an uncoordinated sweep of his arms. He smiles while nursing, nurses while sleeping (breast optional), and has a sweet spot right where his ear meets his neck that I CANNOT stop kissing. His toes are infinitely kissable. When he sleeps I softly place my face near his so I can smell his sweet, milky breath. He "complains" if he is not in the thick of every family interaction. He nurses a LOT at night. We cuddle together and as the milk flows, his little toes curl right next to me.
I just love him.

A list

I am starting a list of muffin variations, with words.
I'll give you some examples:
BORG muffins (banana, oat, red grape) (resistance is futile)
POP (pumpkin, oat, poppy seed)
Apple Sunflower Seed (ha!)
This morning we had SAP muffins: spelt, apple, pumpkin
Banana..Apricot...Raisin...Flax (ok, my husband would call me Beavis for that one)
I'll add to the list...maybe recipes will follow....you add too!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A bit of a rant

Yesterday, I had a bit of a breakdown and more moments of birth obsessing. more specifically, obsessing over other people's births and the whole system of birth. I don't know why I care so much about the system, or feel so strongly for moms and babies who experience birth as a medical event and not out of their own power. I cannot stand hearing about the frequent cascade of induce-epidural-cesarean. Isn't anyone experiencing this as a trauma to themselves...to babies...to society? I guess you have no case for a lawsuit if you say "you induced me...why didn't you tell me it would make my baby's heartbeat go haywire? Why didn't you tell me the epidural would most likely do the same?" Ummmm...you could have looked it up yourself? Why did you give away your power, woman?
I know it doesn't happen that way ALL the time and that there are places and times for those sorts of interventions. I have taken to censoring myself very strongly when it comes to birth because I know I come across as being intense and dogmatic. Hell, I AM dogmatic about birth.
Arggghh...I had to rant about this. I am affirming homebirths for ALL women and am so thankful that my daughters have said they will have homebirths someday, which is huge for a teenager.
Thanks for listening, blog-o-sphere.