Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gosh, it's been awhile

I have had this love/hate relationship with blogging. I don't know why I resist and then persist. I suppose that I am afraid that if I start typing too much all the things I talk about in therapy will come up for all the world to see. Or I will start complaining about my husband and children, thinking that no one is looking anyway, and feel really bad about myself.
The fact is, I have started and deleted a blog 3 times already. In a year. I even got up to about 50 posts on one. I thought that to start a blog, you had to have a focus, know who you are and what you do in this life and that is something I don't do very well. Take my living room, for instance, as metaphor for my life. The drum carder is out, with THREE bags of different types of wool ready to be carded with the third box of saved-up angora hair from the bunnies' weekly brushings. Oooo, it is so soft and tempting. And exactly when am I to spin it? Then there are the knitting projects....just a couple of them since I moved many of them up to my bedroom. Add to that library books, the raw un-cookbook that I keep reading but not quite committing to. The living room is next to the kitchen, so I spent my day moving back and forth between trying out raw recipes, carding wool, knitting a few stitches, reading, and doing laundry and dishes. Oh, and all this while dealing with a breastfeeding baby and whiny 5 year old and having a "discussion" with my husband. Oh, and my beloved in-laws stopped over but the place didn't look too messy.
But here I am at any rate, trying to figure it all out. I'm trying to figure out Facebook too. Why is it that I find it cool to connect with people I never connected with in high school? After high school I made no bones about how much I hated high school. I'm afflicted with chronic insecurity and high school does nothing for that kind of affliction. But now I'm cool. I have friends on Facebook, which is a torture in itself because of the pressure one has to come up with cute and funny statuses, or to respond to a tree or cupcake or whatever request. Wouldn't it be funny if they had requests for couples only? Like, "you have received a honeycanwefinallyhavesextonight request" and you just click on it and then put it in your virtual bedroom. When you complete so many requests, then you get your own motel room, then a whole motel. I need to issue a "go clean your room" request to my kids. My mom could send me a "call your mother" request and then I would still be in the will, unless I ignored the request.
Oh well, you get the picture. Send me some requests on Facebook.
Ain't life fun?

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  1. LOL about your facebook request comments! So funny!


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