Wednesday, January 28, 2009

old boyfriend

We were not just Annie Hall, as I had previously thought. We had a little bit of Out of Africa as well.


Oooo, I started 3 things on my list...actually 4 things. I can run a mile, but cannot find consistent time to run since Davis nurses constantly STILL and he can't fit into a jogger and it's too cold for his itty bitty self anyway. I still have the enthusiasm!
I am practicing weekly for the sheep CD, and start practicing Sunday with the jazz group.
Chance works evenings a lot lately and I serve as bookends for our days, often falling asleep early and missing prime teenage parenting time.
Life continues apace, albeit a maddeningly brisk pace.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year

So I am going to post a January platitude: a list of resolutions. I am filled with hope for a new year right now, and want to capitalize on it so I can look back and see how I did.
1. to substitute Lexapro with running
2. to figure out which direction my art and creativity should go
3. to write poetry again
4. to clean my basement and organize my studio space
5. to respond more and react deal with my anger appropriately
6. to inwardly hold kindness and love for my family
7. to play more and actually start that jazz vocal group
8. to begin recording a CD of sheep songs
I'm sure I will think of more later...but for now this is what has been nagging me. That's a lofty list! Maybe I will be more organized this year than last...I have often experienced life as a series of awakenings and lethargies, and last year was spent in depressive lethargy for the most part. I "woke up" briefly in June, and then having the baby was neither a sleeping nor a waking, but a different state of being, as it still is!
This year, I hope to find the joy and patience in even the most (perceived as)threatening of situations.